ITS Korea supports various activities of members for the development of ITS technology.

Policy and research support

  • Feedback from members and reflection of government policy
  • Planning and reviewing of ITS projects funded by the government
  • Preferential support for members participating in government pilot projects and joint projects
  • Finding ideas for collaborative works of members and new business creation

Provision of market and technological trends in Korea and abroad

  • Provision of ITS market trend and technical data through ITS website
  • Provision of newsletters, Monthly ITS and other current periodicals
  • Provision of news and materials related to ITS

Provision of the information of various local and international business matching and participation procedures.

  • Promotion of members and production/distribution of promotional materials.
  • Recommendation of member companies by priority when the information of ITS-specialized companies is requested.
  • Support for members’ activities for discovering overseas projects and entering overseas markets

Support for promoting industrial activities and information exchange

  • Support for business cooperation and exchange among members.
  • Operation of various ITS training for strengthening capabilities of members
  • Held events for information exchange including ITS seminars, Roadshow and invitational workshops.