Overseas Market Development

ITS Korea promotes the development of the ITS industry by supporting local ITS companies to enter overseas market.


ITS Korea supports in various ways the introduction of local ITS technology and companies to overseas markets, and collects and provides information on overseas ITS market and technology trends.

Main activities

ITS Korea provides supports for international cooperation and overseas market entry on behalf of the government (as a designated agency for international cooperation on ITS), and carries out various activities including international cooperation and technology promotion, discovery of new businesses, information collection and dissemination.

  • (International cooperation and technology promotion) Hosting events and conducting promotion activities to support overseas market entry
    • Participates in various international events such as ITS World Congress, ITS AP Forum, ITS roadshow and invitational workshops to support local companies’ entry into overseas market by promoting superior domestic ITS technologies and services
  • (New business development) Establishing foundation for new business development
    • Performs feasibility studies, master plans and consulting services to lay foundation for local companies to enter overseas market using overseas business support projects conducted by various agencies including the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, KOICA, the Export-Import Bank of Korea and International Contractors Association of Korea.
  • (Information Collection and Dissemination) Collection and provision of overseas project orders and market trend information
    • Provides through ITS Export Support Center information on trends and orders of global companies through various international events and websites on international orders to support local companies overseas market entry.
  • (Overseas market entry strategy establishment) Establishment of strategies to enter the markets of key target countries
    • Establishes strategies to enter the markets of countries targeted for roadshows and invitational workshops of the year.