Project Consulting & Management

ITS Korea supports professional consulting for effective promotion of ITS projects.


Based on “ITS project implementation guidelines for automobile and road traffic area”, ITS Korea performs the project management for the entire cycle of ITS project from the perspective of project clients including project planning, establishment of master plan and design consulting for ITS project.

Main activities

An ITS project is a multi-components complex project in which the linkage, management and integration of various technologies are important. For this reason, ITS Korea has been providing consulting and support services in the entire area of ITS for local governments, public agencies and private entrepreneurs since 2001. Project management (or consulting) is largely divided into project planning stage, project implementation stage and project completion stage. Not only does ITS Korea plan and coordinate project contents at each stage but also provide consulting services for system improvement and enhancement including consulting about main project items, diagnosis and analysis on ITS system in operation and project effect analysis.

  1. 01Planning stage
    • Support for implementation plan
    • Support for the selection of financing and project implementation methods.
    • Support for tender guidance and specification (proposal request or RFP)
    • Support for technology proposal evaluation and technology negotiation
      [Article 10 of ITS project implementation guidelines
      (Project order and contractor selection)]
  2. 02Implementation stage
    • Contract support and design document review and approval
      [Article 14 of ITS project implementation guidelines (Project management)]
    • Review and approval of various plans (process management, quality management, construction plan, etc.)
      [Article 11 of ITS project implementation guidelines (Initiation and construction)]
    • Required functions and system tuning confirmation,
      standard conformity confirmation, test operation period establishment
      and execution and unit system evaluation.
      [Article 12 of ITS project implementation guidelines (Test operation)]
  3. 03Completion stage
    • Testing the accuracy of system’s performance, construction scope,
      input materials and provided services requested by task instructions.
    • Review and confirmation of as-built drawings and documents
    • Performance evaluation, standard application verification tests
      and expected defects inspection.
    • Confirmation of transfer/taking over items for the system/facilities and products
      [Article 13 of ITS project implementation guidelines (Construction completion)]