ITS Korea is a Korea’s representative and qualified inspection agency in the area of ITS performance evaluation(VDS and AVI).


ITS Korea has been recognized as an inspection agency accredited by KOLAS, securing its reliability and credibility, and evaluates whether or not VDSs and AVIs installed on roads meet the functions and performance presented in “Criteria for ITS performance evaluation in the area of vehicle road transport”.

KOLAS (Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme) refers to an accreditation system that KOLAS formally recognizes the test, calibration and inspection capability of an accredited body in accordance with Framework Act on National Standards and international standards (ISO/IEC 17011). The certificate issued by an organization accredited by KOLAS secures public credibility, and in case of advanced countries is used to improve the ability of laboratories and as a means to cope with technical barriers in international trades.

ITS Korea was first accredited inspection body by KOLAS in the area of ITS performance evaluation (VDS and AVI) on April 13, 2015.

Main activities

주요활동 테이블
Completion evaluation Regular evaluation Change/relocation evaluation
Prior to the completion of an ITS project At a regular intervals after the construction of ITS is completed. After change or relocation is completed.
  • To be conducted at the time when the installation and tuning of equipment, system or system subject to performance evaluation are completed and considered to be running properly.
  • To be conducted biennially after construction.
  • To be conducted at the time when the relocation and change in setting of equipment, system or system subject to performance evaluation, or change due to system or service improvement is completed and when the normal operation needs to be confirmed.

Response to complaints and claims

ITS Korea is committed to ensuring that complaints and claims related to inspections will be handled in a transparent and fair manner and do not recur in accordance with Customer Complaints Management Procedure.