Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation intends to improve traffic data quality and maintenance efficiency by inspecting and calibrating ITS equipment.


ITS performance is a kind of inspection/calibration process to improve the quality of traffic data and achieve efficient maintenance and furthermore secure the reliability of traffic data and maximize the effect of ITS investment by ensuring that the functions and performance of equipment are kept above a certain level through evaluating the accuracy of ITS equipment.

Main activities

ITS Korea as a dedicated ITS performance evaluation agency (designated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport) evaluates ITS equipment and systems. Performance evaluation includes the completion evaluation, regular evaluation, change and relocation evaluation for the systems such as vehicle detection system (VDS), automatic vehicle identification (VDI), DSRC traffic information system, incident detection system (AIDS) and high speed weigh-in-motion (HS-WIM). In particular, ITS Korea is an inspection body accredited by KOLAS for VDS and AVI providing more reliable performance evaluation service.

ITS performance evaluation procedure