Verification & Certification

ITS Korea establishes test criteria, methods, procedures and manages IDs of national road-side antennas.


ITS Korea has been designated as an RSE ID granting organization by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in order to systematically manage and operate the IDs of DSRC-based road side equipment (RSE) used for the operation of HiPass, etc. ITS Korea collectively assigns IDs to the installed road side antennas in consideration of the conditions that the ITS project has been operated after completion inspection (standard application verification test).

Main activities

ITS as a road side equipment ID assigning agency (designated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport) assigns unique IDs after defining methods to effectively operate and manage road side antennas. The operation system of assigning road side antenna IDs and assigned IDs is as follows;

Targets of road side ID assignment

  • Road side antennas used for the collection and provision of traffic information based on ETCS and DSRC.

Road side antenna ID system

  • Defining a road side antenna ID
    • A road side antenna ID consists of two octets in which the top 16 bits contain the information on the production of antenna and the rest 27 bits contain unique ID data required for operation.
  • Assigning a road side antenna ID
    • A road side antenna ID can assign the control number of the manufacturer and operating body and the manufacturer ID and operating body ID are given sequentially based on the time when its completion inspection is finished through the standard verification.

Road side antenna ID operation and management system

  • Operation
    • Based on “guidelines for standard application verification agency with respect to technological criteria for ETCS data exchange”, a road side antenna ID is assigned to an organization that has completed standard verification.
  • Management
    • An operation ID will be automatically renewed unless there is any reason for revocation. However, the assigned ID can revoked if the ID is considered to be no longer needed due to project cancellation or business closure.