Verification & Certification

ITS Korea establishes test criteria, methods, procedures and manages IDs of national road-side antennas.


The verification of compliance with ITS standards refers to the evaluation and determination of whether or not items subject to national standards meet the relevant ITS standards through objective test methods defined by third party requests when an ITS project operator establishes or changes (including relocation) of an ITS-related system.

Main activities

ITS Korea as the organization dedicated to ITS standardization (designated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport) evaluates and determines the compliance with technical regulations based on National Transport System Efficiency Act and its enforcement ordinance and enforcement regulations. For this purpose, ITS Korea leads to the compliance with ITS standards by determining whether technological regulations are met when an ITS project operator requests to confirm the compliance with ITS standards.

Target technologies

  • Technical regulation for sharing fundamental traffic information (between centers)
  • Technical regulation for sharing transit information (between centers)
  • Technical regulation for sharing fundamental traffic information Ⅱ/Ⅳ (between centers and terminal units / On-board units and road-side equipment)
  • Technical regulation for sharing Electronic Toll Collection System(ETCS) information using Dedicated Short - Range Communication(DSRC)

Target systems

  • Systems that were established (or changed) or established after receiving establishment (or change) approval by a project operator.
  • Systems that were established by an operator after obtaining permission from relevant authorities.
  • Systems that are requested for the confirmation of their compliance with the reference system to project implementer and relevant authorities.

Verification procedure for standard application