ITS Korea leads ITS standardization for the efficient growth of the ITS industry.


ITS Korea as the organization dedicated to ITS standardization (designated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport) is engaged in local and international standards activities and operates General assembly for ITS standards as a standard organization at the same time. In addition, as a partner organization for standard development (of Korean Agency for Technology and Standards), we carry out the establishment and revision of the national standards of transportation and ITS (KS).

Main activities

ITS Korea supports the ITS industry through various activities to build the foundation of standards required for the smooth introduction and operation of ITS, the development and support of standards for ITS related technologies, and the dissemination and maintenance of standards.

Main activities table
Laying the foundation for standards Standard development and support Standard dissemination and maintenance
  • Participation in the modification of basic ITS plan
    • Foundation building and standardization area
  • Preparation of systems related to standards
    • Development of systems related to the verification and certification of standards
    • Preparation of guidelines for confirming the compliance with standards
  • Participation in the revision of national ITS architecture
  • Support for the development of technical regulations
    • Applicable technology review and development of technical regulation (draft)
  • Development and establishment of de facto Standards for ITS
    • Operation of General assembly for ITS standards
    • Operation of working groups and establishment of standard documents
    • Establishment and distribution of de facto Standards for ITS
  • Development and reorganization of national standards (KS) in the ITS area
    • Establishment of standards in compliance with major international standards and development of indigenous standards
    • Reorganization of related KS
  • Establishment and operation of the national ITS data registration center
  • Development and maintenance of ITS dictionary
    • Publication and web service of technical dictionaries
  • Support for cooperative activities of international standards
    • Support for ISO/TC204 WG 1, 5, 9, 10 expert activities
    • Support for the operation of local expert committee
  • Regular training in standardization once or more every year
  • Publication and distribution of overseas ITS standardization trend once per year
  • Publication and distribution of Korea’s ITS standardization activity report
  • Provision of Cooperation Group Standards for ITS, KS and international standard data