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Symbol mark

Design overview

The symbol mark is the representative visual symbol comprehensively representing the organization and management philosophy of Intelligent Transport Society of Korea (‘ITS Korea’) and must be used in accordance with relevant rules as it is the most important element of A.I.P. (Association Identification Program).

ITS Korea is committed to resolve traffic and environmental issues as a representative organization dedicated to Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Korea. We developed the A.I.P for the purpose of growing into a global ITS organization using a new Intelligent Transport Systems as a key transport management system in the 21st century.


The symbol mark of ITS Korea embodies the images of “Earth + Space + Satellite + Satellite Antenna + Transport Information (intelligent transportation systems)” with the motif of compass, and the main color is Blue. It is the rule book of the standardized design system of ITS Korea’s A.I.P for the purpose of leaping forward as a global ITS.

Minimum size for use

Instruction for use

Mixture of Symbol and word mark (in Korean)

Mixture of Symbol and word mark (in English)


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